TIDES! are a four-piece punk rock band from Saarbrücken, Germany. During the years, Bernd, Christopher, Lukas and Thomas have earned their stripes across almost any genres between melodic death metal and flannel-powered acoustic music. In 2016, the four started TIDES! to play US-coined punk rock, going back to where their musical socialisation started in the first place. Pairing lots and lots of enthusiasm with an essential note of catchiness, TIDES! follow in the wake of musical role models like Hot Water Music or The Wonder Years. In their songs, they tell thoroughly honest coming-of-age stories, relating to extensive changes, uncomfortable realities and the expectations that come along with it and which are so well-known to those in their generation.

After their first EP, which was recorded in the band’s rehearsal room, TIDES!  jumped to German label Midsummer Records for their debut record, Celebrating A Mess, in 2017. They teamed up with producer Phil Hillen (e.g. FJØRT, Parachutes) to record nine songs including the video singles „OKLand“ and „Stay Warm (Part II)“, perfectly reflecting the state-of-minds of a generation fading from their 20s to 30s. Celebrating a Mess has received an overall positive reaction by both listeners and platforms like Away From Life, highlighting the band‘s pure songwriting, positive attitude and energetic play.

Since forming, TIDES! have proven their proficiency in punk rock  in sweat-soaked club-shows, festivals and support-shows along acts of  national as well as international reputation, including Nothington, Ducking Punches, The Flatliners, Lygo, Wolves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves, Terrorgruppe, and many more.

FFO: Hot Water Music, Banner Pilot, Iron Chic, The Wonder Years, Make Do And Mend, Alkaline Trio, Seaway, …